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Perfume Review: Cashmere for Women by Cristiano Fissore

CashmereIn times when new perfumes abound, and more and more innovative niche lines come into existence, one would not expect the next big thing to come from a cashmere designer. One would be very much mistaken, however, as that is precisely where it comes from in this case – the new Cashmere for Women by an Italian luxury cashmere designer Cristiano Fissore. An obsure name for some, perhaps (it was for me), but one that deserves extra recognition for not only producing the highest quality cashmere but also for its completely unconventional approach to fragrance. Perhaps I’ve become a little jaded after seeing so much, shall we say, monotony and predictability in perfume these days but I certainly didn’t expect to fall madly in love with this scent. Yet, that’s where I find myself today – truly, madly, deeply.

Cashmere strikes me as unconventional in that it’s not a typical scent to represent cashmere – soft, floral-powdery, cuddly, warm, inoffensive. Ironically, it still manages to convey that impression. Cashmere is a scent of contrasts – a green, floral aldehydic heart and resinous, musky base. Upon first spritz it smells like a laundry detergent which can be offputting but, trust me, it’s worth it. The next stage is what my nose detects as apricots and pine, roughly speaking – the green floral heart underlined by soft incense and myrrh. Hence the contrast: as soft as cashmere can be, it’s still wool, and it does itch. Likewise, the scent is both soft and coarse, and that’s what I love about it. It’s so well-balanced and unique that I cannot wait to own a bottle.

Cashmere features the notes of bergamot, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, cedarwood, incense, myrrh, amber, vanilla, white musk.

I’d very much like to know who the perfumer is. If anybody has this information, please share! Cashmere for Women is currently available at Aus Liebe Zum Duft. I hear it might also become available at Luckyscent in the near future.

Image source: Cristiano Fissore press release

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