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Winter Holiday Wishlist

SnegurochkaEven though I don’t celebrate Christmas, December has always been a magical month, mostly due to the festive spirit of New Year’s (which in my childhood was associated with Father Frost and his assistant Snow Maiden, lots of candy, clementines, walnuts, fun TV shows, New Year’s tree with obnoxious decorations, and fighting with my brother, primarily over candy). I know it’s only December 6 but I haven’t been home for two years (the longest ever), and the nostalgia is getting to me. This post, however, isn’t intended as a self-pity party. On the contrary, it’s all about self-indulgence – I’m putting together a wishlist for myself. Here’re some of the things I’d like to get in the near future:

  • Vintage Shalimar parfum – because Paris Hilton wears it.

And a trip home.

What fragrant things are on your holiday wishlist?

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How To Apply Fragrance?

Spray away!The answer to the question of how to apply fragrance might seem fairly self-explanatory to some – what do you mean how, just spray it on! In my experience, however, people tend to have their own preferred ways. For instance, I see women come up to the fragrance counters and spray the perfume right on their necks several times (which is also the most common way to do it) but what alarms me personally is the very short distance between the bottle and the neck. Why does it alarm me, you might ask? Well, I’m not quite sure – perhaps I sort of assume they’re either about to suffocate or the perfume will go right into their mouth. Another commonly observed method is to spray perfume on your wrists followed by instant rubbing (a big no-no, I hear). My personal preferred way is to spray or dab on the insides of my wrists, the top of my hands, on the general décolletage area, and the nape of my neck. I tend to not spray perfume on my clothes or my hair. With very potent perfumes, I’ve heard some people spray it in the air and promptly walk through it (haven’t tried it myself yet). How do you apply fragrance? What tricks work for you?

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