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Perfume Review: Heure Exquise by Annick Goutal

Heure ExquiseWhen I first became interested in perfumes, I was mostly taken by how they smelled superficially categorizing them into good smells and bad smells. I applied the same approach to perfume houses: Serge Lutens – good, Guerlain – bad, Frederic Malle – good, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier – bad. Many a houses were erroneously dismissed while my nose was in the process of maturing. Now that I’ve reached olfactory adolescence, I’m beginning to make amends for all the harm I’ve caused them. One of the houses subjected to my ill-treatment is Annick Goutal. I’ve rediscovered and fallen in love with so many of Annick Goutal creations lately that I feel like I deserve to deprive myself of all the dark chocolate in the world for at least a few weeks (the horrors!) But, I won’t go into such drastic measures. Instead, I’ll just sing praises to my new found gems.

Today’s praise goes to Heure Exquise. I wish I were a poet for I cannot find words to give it justice in prose. This is sophistication personified (or perfumefied?) Turkish rose, orris, Mysore sandalwood. A floral aldehyde with a delicate, powdery, chiffon-like, earthy aroma. So gorgeous it leaves me speechless. Rose and orris blend has already been wonderfully rendered in such scents as Hermes Hiris, Molinard Habanita, Chanel No 19, Piguet Bandit. Heure Exquise surpasses them all. It does bear resemblance to Chanel No 19. However, Chanel No 19 is a more complex floral blend accentuated by vetiver – solid and opaque in character. Heure Exquise is sheer and fragile. I must add these impressions are of eau de parfum. I haven’t had a chance to smell it in eau de toilette yet. Exquisite Hour is how it translates from French evoking “a rose garden when night slowly sets in. A very special moment called the exquisite hour…” (

Heure Exquise can be purchased at Nordstrom, Perfume Country, Fragrancenet as well as directly from the Annick Goutal online shop.

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